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LED Uplighting is one of the most common forms of lighting effects used for events such as weddings, birthdays corporate functions and production shows. Our top range uplights really make a difference, providing a superb setting and mood to the venue
LED Uplighting can be used in many different ways, and the ways in which it is used will greatly alter the look and feel of a venue. Firstly, this type of lighting is most commonly used in line with the colour and theme of an event; when used outside the venue, a “wall wash” will enable the exterior or the venue to match the theme and colour of the interior. When used indoors, LED Uplighting hire can be set up to light up the entire venue in a specific colour or theme, or it can be used in specific areas of the venue to light up the dance floor or aspects of the venue itself. Some people choose to use this type of lighting to enhance the look of a marquee, especially when it comes to the roof, as it is capable of altering this feature of the venue and giving it a more pronounced presence.
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